The best sights in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been long for occupied during the US regimen and so the war has become the most notable part of its history. Vietnamese are actually very proud about not surrendering and maintaining the high spirits. Hence, as you travel, you will see a lot of tours will be dedicated to war places and tools.

If you visit Ho Chi Minh, you could go for a short trip to Cu Chi tunnels nearby the city. That was once an intricate system of tunnels during the war. The tunnels had 3 levels and its own infrastructure. The only problem of that was the small size, so that only Vietnamese could pass through. The fat Americans wouldn’t ever get through so it become a serious obstacle. It is then the US hired some small Filipino fighters who were unofficially called tunnel rats. Their fate was often doomed, because the tunnels were full of deadly traps.

Once again, near to Ho Chi Minh, you could sign up for a Mekong River Cruise. This is a very huge river that connect multiple Asian countries and its banks are located in Vietnam. For Vietnam it has always been a strategic region, where they would use the water supply in order to plant rice and vegetables. As the war has passed, the river become a very popular attraction among the tourists. Some people would even compare it to Amazon River due to its robustness, though the good thing is that Mekong is far less dangerous in comparison to Amazon River.

In Vietnam they also have beautiful rice plantations in the mountains. Something similar they’ve got too in the Philippines near Baguio area, but the Vietnamese plantations have their own, different architecture. If you can get at some high point in the mountains, you will likely see these beautiful patterns of rice fields, which though may look fantastic, are designed merely to squeeze some more rice from the mountainous landscape.

Other amazing tourist destination is Nha Trang. This is basically a large seaside bay resort, which has plenty of trees and parks. The town itself is not much populated and mainly hosts the tourists and these working in the tourist industry. The beauty of this resort is a long beach line that has the cleanest sand in the country. The water is also still so it’s quite good and safe for the swimmers.

Finally, you could visit Hanoi, which is now called Hoan Kiem Lake. Hanoi provides a very good scenery and parks, so if you want to enjoy some walk, there is no better place than Hanoi. The environment around the lake is very refreshing, and spending even an hour in this place gives an energizing feeling to whoever comes by. As usual, this isn’t a crowded place and it’s also quite spacious.

If you have one week of vocation, you could ever visit multiple places at once. The good thing is that none of these trips will cost you much money.